The S-Max Aviation

Professional Lifting and Manoeuvrability

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Transferring passengers up stairs into an aircraft can pose a particular challenge for airlines crews, especially those looking to provide exceptional service.

With a weight capacity of 350 lbs (160 kgs), the S-Max Aviation gives you crews the ability to carry passengers up narrow stairways and within the cramped confines of most popular commercial passenger aircraft.

The S-Max Aviation offers several unique benefits, including pivot rollers for maximum manoeuvrability, robust construction, chest harness and adjustable handles.

As with other stairclimbers manufactured by AAT, the S-Max Aviation is equipped with safety brakes and and puncture-free tires.



  • Enables only two people to easily transport passengers up or down stairs
  • Reduces strain and chance of injury for transport personnel
  • Capable of handling narrow stairways
  • Manoeuvres in tight spaces
  • Capable of lifting persons up to 350lbs (160kg)
S-Max Aviation
Approved total weight 430 lbs (195 kg)
Max. weight of the person 350 lbs (160 kg)
Climbing Speed 8 — 23 steps per minute
(continually adjustable)
Range with one charge of the batteries Approx 225 steps
Max. height of step 255mm
Width: Handle | Main Unit 470 mm | 370 mm
Depth 985 mm
Height: Min | Max 1100 mm | 1500 mm
Batteries 2 x 12 V / 3.3 Ah sealed lead acid
Direct Current Motor 24 V / 275 W
Weight of the climbing unit 45 lbs (20.1 kg)
Weight of the handle/td> 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg)
Weight of the Transport Chair 25 lbs (11.4 kg)
Weight of the battery pack 6.6 lbs (3.0 kg)
Total weight 83 lbs ( 37.6 kg)