The CR23

Maximum Lifting Power, Minimum Footprint

Starting at $12,750

Transferring bariatric patients up and down stairs presents a unique challenge to caregivers. It can often require the assistance of up to 8 people to safely traverse a staircase, which can be a difficult and uncomfortable situation for both caregivers and the patient.

With a weight capacity of 505 lbs (230 kgs), the CR23 is the latest technology in patient transfer for emergency services. It makes it possible for only two people to transport even a bariatric patient both up and down stairs safely.

The CR23 folds down and is compatible with our mounting brackets for easy and secure storage in emergency services vehicles.

As with other stairclimbers manufactured by AAT, the CR23 is equipped with safety brakes and and puncture-free tires.

And unlike tracked stairclimbers, the CR23 can  navigate curved staircases and does not damage floors.



  • Enables only two people to transport even a bariatric patient up or down stairs
  • Reduces strain and chance of injury for transport personnel
  • Folds easily for storage and transport
  • Capable of handling curved or narrow stairways
  • Suitable for all floor surfaces – won’t damage stairs
  • Capable of lifting persons up to 505lbs (230kg)
  • Compatible with mounting brackets for emergency services vehicles
Approved total weight 590 lbs (268 kg)
Max. weight of the person 505 lbs (230 kg)
Climbing Speed 7 — 19 steps per minute
(continually adjustable)
Range with one charge of the batteries approx. 20 levels
(equals 300 steps)
Max. height of step 210mm | 225mm (extended option)
Width 440 mm
Depth 725 mm
Height 1030 mm
Batteries 2 x 12 V / 5 Ah sealed lead acid
Direct Current Motor 24 V / 275 W
Weight of the climbing unit 74 lbs (33.5 kg)
Weight of the battery pack 9.3 lbs (4.2 kg)
Total weight 83 lbs ( 37.7 kg)