Your Extra Hand

The Cargomaster series of stair-climbing hand truck is invaluable when moving heavy loads up or down stairs safely and efficiently.


Carrying loads up and down stairs can be dangerous, which is why all models in the Cargomaster line come equipped with automatic safety brakes, which stops the unit at the edge of the stair without slipping off.

Using the Cargomaster also means reducing the chance of injury when carrying heavy loads, as well as reducing the likelihood of damage to either the cargo or the staircase.


From small and maneuverable to large and powerful, there’s a Cargomaster to get any job done. Available with a range of attachments and accessories, these units are capable of handling multiple types of cargo including appliances, photocopiers, water bottles, cylinders, machinery, materials, and more.

And because of their double footed lifting mechanism, the Cargomaster is capable of operating easily on curved staircases and does not damage stairs!

Cargomaster Model Comparison

Cargomaster C141 Vario Cargomaster CC Cargomaster C400
Model C141 CC160 CC200 C400
Lifting Capacity 140 kg (308 lbs) 160 kg (352 lbs) 200 kg (440 lbs) 400 kg (881 lbs)
Comfort Step No Yes No
Climbing Speed 8-30 steps / minute 9-26 steps / minute 4 – 19 Steps / minute 3-8 Steps /minute
Maximum Step Height 210mm (225mm with extension)
Range (single battery charge) (Floors, depending on load) 15-30 8-15
Height (handles collapsed vs extended) 1380mm 1065mm – 1490mm 1512mm – 1812mm
Width 450mm 466mm 564mm
Depth (Minimum with folded toe plate) 300mm 290mm 782mm
Batteries 2 x 12 V / 5 Ah
DC Motor 24V
Battery Pack Weight 4.1 kg
Total Weight (Including Battery) 25.5kg 28.5kg 29.9kg 84.3kg