The Enhanced Mobility Story

In 2011, 86 year old Florence Davidson was no longer able to leave her room under her own power.  Her fine motor skills were no longer good enough for her to get around safely using her traditionally powered wheelchair.

Since she lacked the strength to use a manual wheelchair, she could no longer leave her room or move around the residence under her own power.

Her son John realised she needed a bridge between a manual wheelchair and a traditional motorized chair.

This is when we discovered the technology behind the SERVO by AAT. This technology gave Florence the freedom to move about the residence on her own power without endangering herself or the other residents. Using the power-assisted wheels also meant she was getting the exercise she needed to maintain her quality of life.

Florence Davidson

Who We Are

We are a family business in the truest sense of the word. We are Florence’s family.

  • John Davidson
    Florence’s son and Enhanced Mobility’s President. A 37 year industrial automation sales professional, he immediately saw the potential the Servo held.
  • Susan Davidson
    John’s wife and Comptroller. A hospital oncology pharmacist by trade. At Enhanced Mobility, she does what she’s always done: Keep the family organised and running smoothly.
  • Mike Davidson
    John and Sue’s oldest son is responsible for marketing and sales presentations.

Our Mission

We founded Enhanced Mobility in 2014 with the purpose of ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the freedom that comes with mobility. Our mission is simple:

  1. Provide innovative mobility solutions that can drastically improve the quality of life for Canadians living with decreased mobility.
  2. Provide fast, friendly, and generally amazing customer service to keep you moving.

Canadians Serving Canadians

Based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, Enhanced Mobility is a 100% Canadian-owned company, and is the only company in Canada authorized to sell the AAT products.